Change has Come to Help End Homelessness HC…

Dear HEHHC Supporter,

THANK YOU for your generous support of Help End Homelessness, HC Inc. in the past.  Because of you, HEHHC has been able to buy five properties that have protected ten families from homelessness since our inception.

After passing our tenth anniversary in March, we came to realize that we could no longer sustain our growth with volunteers only, which is what we’ve done thus far.  After much thought, we’ve found what we think is a better solution to support our tenants.  We’ve decided to transfer the HEHHC program to a larger Howard County organization that is also working to solve homelessness: Bridges to Housing Stability.  

As you may know, Bridges to Housing Stability has worked to prevent and end homelessness in Howard County since 1990. Bridges’ services include rehousing for households that are experiencing homelessness, permanent supportive housing for homeless individuals and families with disabilities, eviction prevention assistance, and related tenant-support services. 

Bridges also owns and operates 47 affordable rental units for households that earn low income. During its most recent fiscal year, Bridges served 746 individuals in 300 households. Additional information is available here:  

Bridges website        https://bridges2hs.org/

Want to volunteer?   https://bridges2hs.org/volunteer/

After this transfer of properties and cash assets has been completed, HEHHC will cease to exist as a separate organization.  At the same time, we are quite pleased that the transition of our five properties will birth a new program within Bridges that will still be called HEHHC and, like HEHHC, will serve families who have lower incomes than those Bridges currently serves.  Both Bridges and HEHHC are hoping that you and our other donors will transition your support to Bridges so that they can continue acquiring houses for the HEHHC program.   

Our current tenants will transition to the Bridges HEHHC program and will be eligible for a variety of services offered by Bridges that we do not have the resources to provide.  We are confident that the HEHHC transfer to Bridges, scheduled for Spring of this year, will be an improvement for all concerned.  

There are two upcoming opportunities for you to attend zoom meetings with the Bridges staff members who will be involved with the HEHHC families and the enclosed flyer gives you an opportunity to opt-in to Bridges mailing list. 

Here is the official HEHHC / Bridges transition video with more information: https://tinyurl.com/4y52br2z

I hope you will take advantage of these opportunities to get to know more about Bridges.  If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact me at HEHHCinc@gmail.com.

We are deeply grateful for your past support and look forward to Bridges to Housing Stability continuing our mission to solve homelessness in Howard County, one house at a time.


Craig Barton, President

Help End Homelessness Howard County