PicBkgdPeopleHelp End Homelessness Howard County began with a group of people from Kittamaqundi Community Church hearing the call to do even more than the church was already doing to respond to homeless people in our community. We created an independent 501(c)(3) corporation, inviting local individuals, businesses, organizations and faith communities to join with us. And they did!


The homeless population is diverse, with a range of needs. We are specifically seeking to help people in need of stable housing who have nowhere to go following transitional housing or who find themselves in an equivalent situation.


The county has built 35 single efficiency apartments to house single individuals. In addition, at least four sober houses have been established here.

Bridges Alliance, a project of Bridges to Housing Stability, has plans to provide approximately 40 permanent workforce housing units by 2020.

While all of these will be elements in our local solution to homelessness, we saw a need to provide permanent housing for people who still could not afford a place to live.


PicBkgdHouseHelp End Homelessness Howard County purchases local residential properties. The residents pay rent based solely on their income, rather than on market forces or the cost of ownership. We work with a variety of community agencies and organizations to provide assistance to the residents, offering personal support when appropriate and desired.

We take advantage of the Housing First model, attacking homelessness by providing permanent housing (that is, the residents hold a lease or deed). A variety of data sources shows that this model provides the most successful base from which individuals can act to address their other needs.

Howard County’s Plan to End Homelessness is based on this approach.

We coordinate with other agencies and organizations within the framework of the Howard County Coordinated System for Homeless Services.