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Postal address:
Help End Homelessness Howard County
6801 Oak Hall Lane, #2247
Columbia, MD 21045

More detailed information is available in the More Information PDF.
Use this link to view a copy of our Form 990.

Howard County Department of Citizen Services: Responsible for providing and coordinating homeless services. Contact Michelle Hippert at:

Plan to End Homelessness: The long-range plan and framework under which the county has developed specific initiatives for homeless people and has coordinated with other entities.

Coordinated System of Homeless Services: The current model for coordinating and tracking services, avoiding duplication and maintaining data.

Grassroots: A multi-service Howard County nonprofit that provides, among other things, various services to homeless individuals and families. Under the Coordinated Services plan, all initial inquiries and referrals are managed by Grassroots.

Bridges to Housing Stability: A nonprofit dedicated to stable housing for Howard County residents that provides permanent workforce housing, transitional housing, case management services, and resident support and training.

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